Trusts to pilot RespiraSense™ device that helps detect deteriorating patients

Posted by PMD Solutions on Oct 30, 2018 3:34:00 PM

UCLPartners is supporting four trusts to take part in the set-up phase for a pilot of PMD Solutions’ RespiraSense™, the world’s only continuous and motion-tolerant respiratory rate monitor.

Respiratory rate is the earliest and most sensitive indicator of the deterioration in a patient’s condition, yet it is often poorly monitored. RespiraSense™, a device supported by the NHS Innovation Accelerator, enables clinical teams to accurately monitor a patient’s respiratory rate, enabling them to identify patients whose condition is deteriorating up to 12 hours earlier than usual.

UCLPartners is working with PMD Solutions, the creators of RespiraSense™, to offer trusts within our partnership the opportunity to pilot this technology during an eight-week set-up phase. Following a review of their progress during this period, successful trusts will be selected to go through to the full pilot receiving a free six-month supply of RespiraSense™ monitors” via UCLPartners, (25 October 2018), Trusts to pilot device that helps detect deteriorating patients.

The trusts taking part in the pilot are:

Respiratory rate is a key component of a new National Early Warning Score ‘NEWS2’ which is set to become the standard for identifying patient deterioration in England by April 2019. Dr. Sara Lock, who will be leading participation of Whittington Health in this work said: “Continuously improving the quality of care we provide to our patients is of paramount importance to our organisation. We’ve just launched a trust-wide education programme about the importance of monitoring vital signs using the NEWS2 system. Respiratory rate is a key component of the NEWS2 score so having the opportunity to set up a pilot of this innovative technology is very exciting.”

“If we go on to participate in the full pilot we’ll be able to gain vital experience in using respiratory rate monitors and learn how they can best be deployed and integrated into routine use. The hope is that using this technology can ultimately improve outcomes for our patients.” (via UCLPartners, (25 October 2018), Trusts to pilot device that helps detect deteriorating patients)

Earlier this month, PMD Solutions received the Frost & Sullivan 2018 Visionary Innovation Leadership award for the European non-invasive respiratory market at the Best Practices banquet in London.

“RespiraSense™ was specifically designed to be easily adopted by healthcare providers in order to serve the widest population of patients in the shortest possible time. Delivering respiratory rate to the market through RespiraSense™ will enable PMD to work with leading university hospitals and national health authorities to establish a new industry best practice for continuous breathing rate monitoring,” says Myles Murray, CEO of PMD Solutions.

Murray adds, “RespiraSense™ has centres of excellence across the UK and Europe with world-leading opinion leaders in the field of vital signs and patient deterioration. With the increasing pressures put onto healthcare institutions, prevention is the word when it comes to addressing both financial savings without compromising patient safety.”

“RespiraSense™, the world’s only continuous and motion-tolerant respiratory rate monitor, is a revolution in early detection of patient deterioration,” says Myles Murray, PMD Solutions CEO. “PMD is honoured to receive this prestigious recognition. This award comes at a time where 8 years of clinical evidence and market acceptance by NHS England and other global leaders in patient monitoring positions PMD for rapid growth. Thereby, contributing to fulfilling PMD’s vision of improving patient outcomes by making every breath count.”

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